Emergency Roadside Assistance

Driving along when suddenly your car starts behaving strangely or completely shuts off? Thinking of calling a tow truck to get you to a mechanical workshop so your day’s schedule can be absolutely ruined? Well, don’t panic, and don’t call for a half fix-it job. Simply call us and we’ll bring the mechanic to you! They will arrive with our fully equipped service van that carries specialist diagnostic tools and a range of common replacement parts. We’ll get the job done right the first time, and get you straight back on your way.


Whether the fault is a faulty alternator, distributor cap, a battery that has seen too many days, or just some leaking hoses. Be assured that our fully qualified and experienced mechanics can repair it for you. The majority of issues can generally be fixed on-site, however, if major workshop repairs are required we’ll arrange for the towing so that you are not burdened by unnecessary stresses.


We can diagnose and repair all car problems, so if your car have broken down anywhere in Sydney, call us on 0413 998 210 or book online now. Always keep our number handy so that whenever you are in need, you can be assured we’ll be there for you.


Our mobile mechanics can assist with all emergency car repairs:

- Fault diagnosis

- Battery replacement

- Alternator and starter motor repair and replacement

- All engine repairs

- All electrical repairs

- Overheating repairs

- Starting & ignition system repairs

- Charging system repairs

- Fuel pump, fuel injection & fuel system repair

- Cooling system repairs

- Brake repairs and replacements

- Steering & suspension repair

- Clutch repairs

- Diesel repairs