Logbook Servicing & Registration Renewal

Are you paying too much for your Car Service? New Car Franchise Dealers do not have a monopoly on "Log Book" Servicing.
If you're concerned about preserving your new car's statutory warranty but also want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, we can help.


We can not only service your new vehicle, but can also carry out manufacturer's hand book services and validate your service book. Your new car warranty will be validated and protected. No need to worry about your warranty being tarnished! If your car is still within its warranty, this is the choice for you.


Pro Tune uses manufacturer service schedules in order to ensure that we are offering you the correct service for your vehicle’s needs. All the parts supplied are compliant with your manufacturer service schedules and therefore ensures your warranty remains intact.


This is possible thanks to the New Regulations, which were put in place to ensure that main dealerships were no longer to have a monopoly on the car servicing industry. However, if your car is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you may rather opt for a standard service.